How to Remove Your Sex Tape from Internet


How difficult is it to remove a sexually explicit video you made from horny corner of the internet?

If you are a celebrity or your video becomes very popular, it is quite impossible to scrub all traces of the sex tape from the web. As a many-headed hydra but with digitally documented dicks, bootleg versions of Kim K's tape reappear on sites like YouPorn as fast as they are taken down, and there's really no way to completely remove it. People can download and torrent videos, spread them until they are too scattered to ever completely eradicate. But most of us are not Kardashian Caliber six-doers. For non-celebrities who regret publishing their stinking-bit tango online, there are steps that can limit how many eyes see your video. And unlike the dumbass plot on Sex Tape, none of them involves manually destroy your friends' iPads.

Obviously, if you posted a video yourself, you can just remove it. Simple! But what if someone else has got hold of you cheeky butt broadcast? Whether it's a jilted bae with bad morals or a horndog hacker, this is where it gets more complicated. But all is not lost.

Ask the porn websites to take down 

I talked to RedTube support team to find out what you need to do to scrub the site of their video. Even if you did not post the video, if you put in a request for removal, they will honor it. "We ask for the user's full name along with photo proof that they are the person in the video., We usually ask for a photo of the person visibly holding up a piece of ID," a friendly support staff named Franca told.

PornHub has a similar approach. "We remove videos directly as soon as a question comes to our attention," says marketing manager Matt Blake. "Whether people are asking because they do not want it, or if it is revenge porn, it is important for us to act quickly., We have a support form is the best place to contact us about these kinds of issues."

This is good news if you are in a revenge porn situation. "Revenge Porn" is the term used to describe what happens when someone acts like a monumental dirtbag and post explicit videos or photos of their items without their permission. So if someone you used to trust have betrayed you and put your sex tape online, you may struggle to get it taken down. There is a growing movement to ban revenge porn, and the team at End Revenge Porn is a good resource.


It is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Holly Jacobs, founder of End Revenge Porn refer people to a service called DMCA Defender. They offer free services to underage victims revenge porn and discounts to adults in similar situations. They can guarantee removal from certain places, such as, and often remove videos from multiple websites in a matter of hours.

Another option Jacobs recommends: You can go to the website and order DMCA takedown requests itself. It's more hassle, but you will not have to pay anyone.

Making a police report 

If someone else wrote your sex tape online without your consent and you can not get it down by directly contacting the host site or via the DMCA, check if you live in a state with laws against revenge porn. You can file a police report to spur its removal. New York-based attorney C. A. Goldberg has a list of states with similar laws on the books, including Texas, California and New Jersey.

Meeting the rancid asshole who posted it without your consent

If someone else has written your video without your permission, you can try the "American Way." That is, sue them.

You probably will not win a case against websites that host videos, because § 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects Web sites from legal action based on the content uploaded by third parties. But you can sue a third party trash people who have uploaded the video. And you can be granted a civil protection order so they have to take it down.


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