Saturday, June 6, 2015

Telugu Actress Aarti Agarwal died in Newjersey


It is confirmed that the famous Telugu actress Aarti Agarwal died on Saturday in Newjersey, America. She was suffring from diabetic and respiratory problems for some time. Her debut movie is Nuvvu naku nachav. The list of movies she acted are below.(source: wikipedia)




Aarthi Aggarwal is an actress who primarily acts in Telugu films. She made her Telugu film debut in Nuvvu Naaku Nachav with actor Venkatesh.



Year     Film     Role     Notes

2001     Paagalpan     Roma Pinto     Debut movie

Nuvvu Naaku Nachav     Nandini    

Nuvvu leka nenu lenu     KrishnaVeni    

2002     Allari Ramudu     Mythili    

Indra     Snehalatha Reddy    

Nee Sneham     Amrutha    

Bobby     Bhagyamathi    

2003     Palnati Brahmanayudu     Sruthi    

Vasantham     Nandini    

Veede     Mangathaayaru     Remade from Tamil movie Dhool

2004     Nenunnanu     Sruthi     Dubbed into Hindi language as Vishwa-The HeMan in 2006

Adavi Ramudu     Madhulatha    

2005     Chatrapati     Item Song     Special appearance

Narasimhudu     Item Song    

Soggadu     Swati    

Sankranthi     Cameo    

Bambara Kannaley         Tamil film

2006     Andaala Ramudu     Radha    

2008     Gorintaaku     Nandhini    


2009     Posani Gentleman     Neeraja         2015    






Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Type English and Get Telugu - Google Input Tools Review

This video is all about getting Telugu by typing English. You may thought how is it possible, it might be another type of website like Lekhini. But it's not. It is a small application provided by Google. It is called Google input tools. Have a look of this video and share if you like it...

How to get Vatrusudi in UNICODE Telugu

I have explained how to get vatrusudi in UNICODE TELUGU. 

Very small video and easy trick have a look

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Installing ANU software - could not open registry problem solved

Here I have explained how to override the problem "could not open registry" while installing ANU software.. simple trick, have a look..

CALL anyone without touching the phone _ The Best Android APP


You can call anyone without touching the phone.
You can message anyone without touching the phone..
You can set alarm without touching the phone..
You can set reminder also... and many more...

You can do all these things with just a single ANDROID APP...
Have look in this video...

Monday, March 30, 2015

How to type telugu in facebook, internet, computer with te_apple

Hi Telugu guys,

Instructions and notes about using Apple Keyboard Layout follows.


  1. From here you can download the Apple Telugu Keyboard Layout.
  2. Unzip the te_apple zip file.
  3. Execute the Setup.exe file in te_apple folder
  4. After the installation is complete, you can switch to the Apple Keyboard Layout by pressing Left Alt + Shift or you can use Windows+ space bar. (If you are using multiple Telugu keyboard layouts, please ensure that you really selected Apple Keyboard Layout.) Pressing again the same keyboard shortcut brings you back to the English.
  5. If you want to see an indication of which layout is in use, you can enable Language Bar in Windows.
credit: te_apple software credit: veeven

Friday, August 15, 2014

I am that Change: Allu Arjun's Short Film

Allu Arjun has released a social awareness short film, I Am That Change, on Independence Day today. This short film is directed by Sukumar.

This films primary concept is all about everyday social issues. These involve all of us. You see talking on the phone while driving, littering on the roads, trying to bribe cops, and a film star going in withoug security check and realising that he should not get preferential treatment. “When I saw some ads regarding social awareness, I felt that they would not be able to reach out to people properly. I thought that if an actor made the same it would reach a wider audience. Another reason for making the film is that many freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives for our generation and today we are enjoying freedom because of their sacrifice. I wanted to pass this message to next generation'' said Allu Arjun.

Watch the short film here:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Xender: Data Transfer fastest Android App


Now, we are in a world of very fast world 3G network connection, 4G where we can surf the Internet, watch videos and download large files within minutes at very high speed. 

But we use the connection to 3G / 4G Internet to transfer files from mobile phone to a friend who is standing nearby? No, we do not. We generally use Bluetooth technology which helps us to transfer files from one mobile phone to another good data transfer speed. As new versions of Bluetooth ยช came out, bluetooth data transfer rate has increased.

You might be considering that the easiest and fastest way to transfer data rate of the nearest cell phone, but it is not. Now on Google Play Store, a free application called Xender that is serving very fast data transfer speed. You can transfer all kinds of data such as songs, videos, documents, applications, etc using this application and offering 50 times faster than the speed of Bluetooth.

Xender, formerly known as Transfer Flash is an application based on Wi-Fi and works on all Android phones or tablet with Android 2.2 or higher operating system. Use the power of WiFi to provide a transmission rate of ultra-fast, but does not use the internet.

Xender providing streaming in-app. So, to use this application, as it requires your friend to have Xender installed on your device.

Follow these steps to install Xender: 

Step 1: Download Xender to your phone and install.

Step 2: Once the application is installed, open it. After the welcome screen once you will be taken to a screen where you are required to establish their profile pic and name. You can choose from one of the provided avatars or image available on your phone. Choose a name that your friend can identify your Xender.

Step 3: Now your phone is ready to send / receive files Xender. Let your friends to follow the steps above and after doing this, you can share your files, ebooks, pictures, music, videos, etc with friends.

Sharing files through Xender? 

Step 1: Open the application and ask your friend to open Xender on your cell phone too.

Step 2: Click "Connect Friends' and then 'Create Group'.

Step 3: Your friend will receive a notification that you are Xender online. I only ask that you click Connect to join Friends then Tap next to your name Xender appearing on your cell phone.

Step 4: Now that both connected to send / receive files via Xender.

Now you can navigate your phone to search for songs, videos, ebooks, etc directly from Xender, select whether to send bulk or one at a time. The data transfer speed is very fast. As for my Micromax Canvas 2 Plus, where I get the bluetooth transfer speed of about 200 kbps, Xender plays a very fast speed of 7039kbps (the average speed).

More features Xender 

  • Connect more than one friends and share files all at once.
  • Free Transmissoin. It costs no traffic.
  • Slide 'n Share feature allows you to share files with selecting only shake the phone.
  • Share installed Android apps. Xender will pack and send to your friends again.
  • Scan all files and folders easily through the application.
  • It uses the story to share recently received / sent files to another person Xender.


Unlike other applications that only advertise a powerful performance, but provides a very limited application performance Xender does what it says. Really offers 50 times faster than data transfer speed of Bluetooth. Therefore, if you are looking for powerful alternative to Bluetooth Xender is a great option.

Install APp here

Monday, August 4, 2014

App: Remove Preinstalled Android Apps

In Android Phone there are many preinstalled apps that you can't use anymore. Till now it was a messy process to uninstall them. Now here is solution,if you are a root user of android phone,you can uninstall whatever you want.

Uninstall Master remove bloatware from your android phone. Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) now rename to App Master, a powerful app tool!  It is Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) original,the only one best uninstaller & app tool in the market.

Are you bothered by too many third-party, preinstalled apps? Are you annoyed by the number of taps required to simply uninstall an app?  Have you ever uninstalled an app and then changed your mind?
Uninstall Master may be the solution you are looking for!


New UI is clear and user-friendly;
Perform batch uninstall;
Get rid of selected pre-installed or malicious apps;
Get rid of pre-installed bloatware that bogs down your device and costs you money. (Needs ROOT);
Silent uninstall and restore. The prompt window no longer appears! (Needs ROOT);
Recycle bin makes back-up and restore simple and easy;
Freeze and unfreeze apps. (Needs ROOT and unlocker);
Easily sort and find your apps;
Bluetooth share: you can share apps with your friends!
Quick and friendly customer support!

What is ROOT?

ROOT is the super user account(Similar to the Windows Administrator account).As safety limits of android,only apps can achieve more powerful features after they have this permission.

Download Uninstall from Playstore

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to get paid Android apps for Free?

Not only you, this is everyones thought. We love app...we love free apps. And we love paid apps that cost nothing most. But we do not like pirates! Having said that, there are many legal ways to get paid apps for free for your Android so today we will share a few with you.



AppGratis is one of my favorite apps, because I received free new app every morning. There is no overload offers - just one day an app - curated by Sam the always funny developers with the bad jokes. Sometimes the free apps of AppGratis are offered not entitled to updates, so keep that in mind, and not every free app ever offered cost anything in the first place! However, the deals are just AppGratis keep coming and there is often some real gems in there.

Google Play Surveys 

We have written about free credit Play Store of Google in exchange for answering surveys. If you do not already know, Google offers very own rewards program, because, well, they want even more information about you and your habits. Just install the Google App opinion rewards, fill in a short survey and collect your coins. Not bad for a few minutes of your time. There is another app called Get Paid Apps Free, you are going to buy in exchange for credits that can be redeemed for other apps in the Play Store Watch short videos or download selected apps has.

Amazon App of the Day 

The Amazon Appstore, the oft-forgotten little brother of Google Play Store, is one of the great things about Amazon. The second best thing is that it is a free app every day to draw your attention away from the Google monster market. You have options on how to obtain this, simply press the Amazon Appstore online, in order to see the app of the day top of the list, download the Amazon Appstore app or grab a notification app like Free App Notifier for Amazon (Note, it only works for the US-Amazon AppStore now) for daily alerts.

App of the Day 

App of the day doing basically the same thing as AppGratis and Amazon. It offers a paid app for free for a limited time. There are many different versions of this app, so you need to get the one at your location to get, but if you have it installed, you can add your daily checklist for scoring paid apps for free. I should also note that other apps like App-sales, you can apps that interests you to add a watch list, are, so you can be notified when they go on sale. Not exactly free, but still better than full price. Plus, App sales occasionally publish free apps too.

Google Play Return Policy 

If you are interested in a game and actually do not mind spending a few dollars not want but to oblige them, unless you know that it is actually worth, then you can take advantage of Google Apps for return policy . If you pay for an app you have a whole 15 minutes to test it before you get stuck with your purchase. Fifteen minutes may not seem like a long time, but it is definitely long enough to get a feel for a game and know if you actually do not want to pay for them or. There is a trick where you can try out for a whole 48 hours paid apps for free in the Play Store. And if you really, really skint an evening of entertainment only phone and a stopwatch could produce!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Remove Your Sex Tape from Internet


How difficult is it to remove a sexually explicit video you made from horny corner of the internet?

If you are a celebrity or your video becomes very popular, it is quite impossible to scrub all traces of the sex tape from the web. As a many-headed hydra but with digitally documented dicks, bootleg versions of Kim K's tape reappear on sites like YouPorn as fast as they are taken down, and there's really no way to completely remove it. People can download and torrent videos, spread them until they are too scattered to ever completely eradicate. But most of us are not Kardashian Caliber six-doers. For non-celebrities who regret publishing their stinking-bit tango online, there are steps that can limit how many eyes see your video. And unlike the dumbass plot on Sex Tape, none of them involves manually destroy your friends' iPads.

Obviously, if you posted a video yourself, you can just remove it. Simple! But what if someone else has got hold of you cheeky butt broadcast? Whether it's a jilted bae with bad morals or a horndog hacker, this is where it gets more complicated. But all is not lost.

Ask the porn websites to take down 

I talked to RedTube support team to find out what you need to do to scrub the site of their video. Even if you did not post the video, if you put in a request for removal, they will honor it. "We ask for the user's full name along with photo proof that they are the person in the video., We usually ask for a photo of the person visibly holding up a piece of ID," a friendly support staff named Franca told.

PornHub has a similar approach. "We remove videos directly as soon as a question comes to our attention," says marketing manager Matt Blake. "Whether people are asking because they do not want it, or if it is revenge porn, it is important for us to act quickly., We have a support form is the best place to contact us about these kinds of issues."

This is good news if you are in a revenge porn situation. "Revenge Porn" is the term used to describe what happens when someone acts like a monumental dirtbag and post explicit videos or photos of their items without their permission. So if someone you used to trust have betrayed you and put your sex tape online, you may struggle to get it taken down. There is a growing movement to ban revenge porn, and the team at End Revenge Porn is a good resource.


It is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Holly Jacobs, founder of End Revenge Porn refer people to a service called DMCA Defender. They offer free services to underage victims revenge porn and discounts to adults in similar situations. They can guarantee removal from certain places, such as, and often remove videos from multiple websites in a matter of hours.

Another option Jacobs recommends: You can go to the website and order DMCA takedown requests itself. It's more hassle, but you will not have to pay anyone.

Making a police report 

If someone else wrote your sex tape online without your consent and you can not get it down by directly contacting the host site or via the DMCA, check if you live in a state with laws against revenge porn. You can file a police report to spur its removal. New York-based attorney C. A. Goldberg has a list of states with similar laws on the books, including Texas, California and New Jersey.

Meeting the rancid asshole who posted it without your consent

If someone else has written your video without your permission, you can try the "American Way." That is, sue them.

You probably will not win a case against websites that host videos, because § 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects Web sites from legal action based on the content uploaded by third parties. But you can sue a third party trash people who have uploaded the video. And you can be granted a civil protection order so they have to take it down.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

iReff: Intelligent RECHARGE info app

This news is for prepaid mobilers. If you wanna recharge your phone, you got a good android app that tells you which plan is best for you. iReff app is the fastest and easiest way to get the latest plan and offer information. Browse through the categories like - Denomination, SMS, Data (GPRS / 2G and 3G), local, STD, ISD and choose your plan. Or try a powerful full-text search feature to find a suitable replenish your specific needs.
  • You can find details about the topup vouchers, Special Offer Vouchers (STV), Combo Vouchers and Full Talk Time offer. 
  • The data is updated every day for all operators (BSNL supported experimentally). Rates shown are based on what is published on the site operator and apply for EC (easy) refilling of the stores retail mobile recharge. For other modes of recharge, please confirm your service provider if they support the rates published on the site operator. 
  • You can find ex: Aircel latest plan for 3g and talk time vouchers 

iReff currently supporting information in all telecom circles apply to:

* Airtel
ireff-tholivelugu* Aircel
* Idea
* Loop Mobile
* Reliance GSM
* Reliance CDMA
* Tata Docomo
* Tata Indicom
* T24
* Uninor
* Videocon
* Virgin Mobile CDMA
* Virgin Mobile GSM
* Vodafone

This is a Beta version and there may be some rough edges. They are continuously making improvements and feature additions. Please keep your app updated to the latest version. In case of any problems email at

Install Ireff from play store: click here

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

China put a ban on MS Office-Tolivelugu

In the beginning of 2014 Chinese Government put a ban on the use of Windows 8 and is now banning the use of Microsoft Office Suite.
China claims Microsoft OS and software applications to be the bearer of U.S. government spyware and therefore this decision is for the country's security.
Microsoft has been trying to take control of the Chinese phone market to support Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and has already worked with many companies also. Now, a decision of this type can be a failswitch to Microsoft dream.

After Windows turn for Office to be banned in China.

Well China is trying to propose an internal replacement for Office to continue the work of the office. The suite will have similar features like Microsoft Office phenomenal game.
Microsoft worked to induce the original versions of the operating system. Former CEO Steve Balmer said 9 out of 10 OS in China are pirated versions. So it was a challenge to penetrate the market of the country with the largest population in the world.
Until no prohibition has been induced in smartphones and therefore Microsoft is penetrating through Mobile Windows but a lack of faith in Microsoft and can not ensure big business in the Chinese market.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yahoo's New Aviate Launcher.. The Intelligent one!

Yahoo Aviate launcher is diffrent from others.Aviate contribution to the Android platform is itself significant. This will make your Android experiance more better.The Launcher offers a unique experience and intelligent, granting organization tools and intelligent features that can match any competitor. This launcher can simplify your life and give you everything in one place. Distinctiveness of the app, after he acquired by Yahoo more apparent.

Simplify your phone..Simplify your life.

It Automatically and "intelligently" organized your phone by trying the information you need when you need it most. It constricts Apps type recommends other apps like, shows things like eating tips if you are traveling, brings music apps when you connect headphones, and your work has things available when you arrive at the office.

Aviate Latest update automatically changes colors throughout the launcher day.So She has not tired same dress problem in launcher.This launchers many functions as you track your sleep, giving you shortcuts for things like conference calls, and estimate travel times. He also pulls in your favorite contacts in a chic new, hidden screen, which is accessed via swipe on the home screen.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher is not the typical launcher. In contrast to GO, Nova, Apex and other similar launchers, Aviate simplified automatically and intelligently organizes your phone, just to show you the applications and information that you need as you need them, in the day.


  •     Simple, beautiful navigation - transforms your phone in four, easy-to-use screens to make each interaction more quickly and efficiently.
  •     adapts to you - shows you different apps on your current context and the time of day.
  •     Stay organized - automatically categorizes your apps into collections based on function.
  •     App Recommendations - Recommends Apps on what you have installed and the latest reviews on Google game.
  •     Stay in Touch - Contact your favorite people in one fell swoop upward instead of digging through your contacts.
  •     adjustments for simplicity - Edit the apps in your collections, you can choose between two topics, create shortcuts, install icon packs, add widgets and change your Home screen to Aviate to make for yourself.

While the Aviate team moved to Yahoo, the original project it was promised, did not come to an end, which is now quite obvious. The Aviate launcher has officially left its beta stage and is now available for everyone. Invitations are no longer necessary, and the business is sweetened by some excellent new features.

Of course Aviate is Yahoo's services front and center, but the team has also patched together some great improvements which certain actions funner and should make it easier. These include a favorite section of people an improved calendar and what they call "Daily Delight" (a series of features that will adjust the daily use).

Favorite people

Aviate makes it easier by simply Wipe from your home screen or call your contacts. We take these basic functions for granted, but that can test one of these new features and wonder how you lived without it to be so long ... as simple as it is.


The calendar functions improved. Yahoo acquired Donna, a smart calendar app. Its features are added to Aviate. You can now call a taxi or start a call directly from the Calendar app, for example.

Daily Delight

With a catchy title inscribed, this in addition to the section "What's New" in the Google Play Store app page. It contains "a light sleep tracker, daily images for the homescreen, warnings for unexpected weather and a twice-daily news digests".


As already mentioned, this app is now free to use for everyone. You can Yahoo Aviate Launcher Download directly from the Google Play Store. It's completely free, so try it out!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Google Domains are ready to now

Who has heard - Google domains are ready as Beta

Google Webworld is domineering well underway. Google made it revealed today that it has the structure of a domain registration service called Google domains. The product is still in an early phase, so it is in invite-only beta for now.

If Google domains launches to the public, you will be able to buy. Unlike some other domain registration services, Google invites you to register your domain in extra private. You will be able to create up to 100 email addresses on the domain and as many as 100 adapted subdomains. Google domains will also use its own DNS server, so visitors should get a fast response time when they hit to your site.

While Google domains is not hosting, website building providers Square, Wix, Weebly and Shopify have signed on as partners.

If in the attempt of interest, head to the link below, click on "Manage My Domains" and follow the instructions to request a invitecode

Friday, June 20, 2014

Google Play Movies provides support for 21 additional countries

Yes, Google Play Movies, the ubiquitous half of the parent movie streaming service, adding supported countries to their impressive list. In March this year, Google has reached more than 40 countries and is now 21 in further addition.

The newly added list of countries of Google is as follows: Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Thailand , Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

International copyright law will ensure that the availability list is for the rental and Downloads variable and convoluted from country to country. But this new list - will bring the support of mainly European countries - will ensure that the service is now available to a wider audience, provided of course that they can update their Play Movies app. About the app - The path is working in the app that film and TV content will be made available - they can be either rented or purchased.

An innovation on the app is that with a new update in June, movies and TV episodes can now be viewed offline via an extension in Chrome, Google's browser - but the update is specifically for Chromebook users. This gives the ability to play Movies users, invite their favorite shows and watch them at a later date. The specific Chrome extension is in the Chrome Web Store.