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How to get paid Android apps for Free?

Not only you, this is everyones thought. We love app...we love free apps. And we love paid apps that cost nothing most. But we do not like pirates! Having said that, there are many legal ways to get paid apps for free for your Android so today we will share a few with you.
AppGratis is one of my favorite apps, because I received free new app every morning. There is no overload offers - just one day an app - curated by Sam the always funny developers with the bad jokes. Sometimes the free apps of AppGratis are offered not entitled to updates, so keep that in mind, and not every free app ever offered cost anything in the first place! However, the deals are just AppGratis keep coming and there is often some real gems in there.

AppGratis - Cool apps for free (Playboard) | AppGratis - Cool apps for free (Play Store)

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How to Remove Your Sex Tape from Internet

How difficult is it to remove a sexually explicit video you made from horny corner of the internet? If you are a celebrity or your video becomes very popular, it is quite impossible to scrub all traces of the sex tape from the web. As a many-headed hydra but with digitally documented dicks, bootleg versions of Kim K's tape reappear on sites like YouPorn as fast as they are taken down, and there's really no way to completely remove it. People can download and torrent videos, spread them until they are too scattered to ever completely eradicate. But most of us are not Kardashian Caliber six-doers. For non-celebrities who regret publishing their stinking-bit tango online, there are steps that can limit how many eyes see your video. And unlike the dumbass plot on Sex Tape, none of them involves manually destroy your friends' iPads.

Obviously, if you posted a video yourself, you can just remove it. Simple! But what if someone else has got hold of you cheeky butt broadcast? Whe…

iReff: Intelligent RECHARGE info app

This news is for prepaid mobilers. If you wanna recharge your phone, you got a good android app that tells you which plan is best for you. iReff app is the fastest and easiest way to get the latest plan and offer information. Browse through the categories like - Denomination, SMS, Data (GPRS / 2G and 3G), local, STD, ISD and choose your plan. Or try a powerful full-text search feature to find a suitable replenish your specific needs.
You can find details about the topup vouchers, Special Offer Vouchers (STV), Combo Vouchers and Full Talk Time offer. The data is updated every day for all operators (BSNL supported experimentally). Rates shown are based on what is published on the site operator and apply for EC (easy) refilling of the stores retail mobile recharge. For other modes of recharge, please confirm your service provider if they support the rates published on the site operator. You can find ex: Aircel latest plan for 3g and talk time vouchers 
iReff currently supporting informat…

China put a ban on MS Office-Tolivelugu

In the beginning of 2014 Chinese Government put a ban on the use of Windows 8 and is now banning the use of Microsoft Office Suite.
China claims Microsoft OS and software applications to be the bearer of U.S. government spyware and therefore this decision is for the country's security.
Microsoft has been trying to take control of the Chinese phone market to support Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and has already worked with many companies also. Now, a decision of this type can be a failswitch to Microsoft dream.
After Windows turn for Office to be banned in China. Well China is trying to propose an internal replacement for Office to continue the work of the office. The suite will have similar features like Microsoft Office phenomenal game.
Microsoft worked to induce the original versions of the operating system. Former CEO Steve Balmer said 9 out of 10 OS in China are pirated versions. So it was a challenge to penetrate the market of the country with the largest population in the world.