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Type English and Get Telugu - Google Input Tools Review

This video is all about getting Telugu by typing English. You may thought how is it possible, it might be another type of website like Lekhini. But it's not. It is a small application provided by Google. It is called Google input tools. Have a look of this video and share if you like it...

How to get Vatrusudi in UNICODE Telugu

I have explained how to get vatrusudi in UNICODE TELUGU.  Very small video and easy trick have a look

Installing ANU software - could not open registry problem solved

Here I have explained how to override the problem "could not open registry" while installing ANU software.. simple trick, have a look..

CALL anyone without touching the phone _ The Best Android APP

You can call anyone without touching the phone.
You can message anyone without touching the phone..
You can set alarm without touching the phone..
You can set reminder also... and many more...

You can do all these things with just a single ANDROID APP...
Have look in this video...