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I am that Change: Allu Arjun's Short Film

Allu Arjun has released a social awareness short film, I Am That Change, on Independence Day today. This short film is directed by Sukumar.
This films primary concept is all about everyday social issues. These involve all of us. You see talking on the phone while driving, littering on the roads, trying to bribe cops, and a film star going in withoug security check and realising that he should not get preferential treatment. “When I saw some ads regarding social awareness, I felt that they would not be able to reach out to people properly. I thought that if an actor made the same it would reach a wider audience. Another reason for making the film is that many freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives for our generation and today we are enjoying freedom because of their sacrifice. I wanted to pass this message to next generation'' said Allu Arjun.

Watch the short film here:

Xender: Data Transfer fastest Android App

Now, we are in a world of very fast world 3G network connection, 4G where we can surf the Internet, watch videos and download large files within minutes at very high speed. 
But we use the connection to 3G / 4G Internet to transfer files from mobile phone to a friend who is standing nearby? No, we do not. We generally use Bluetooth technology which helps us to transfer files from one mobile phone to another good data transfer speed. As new versions of Bluetooth ยช came out, bluetooth data transfer rate has increased.

You might be considering that the easiest and fastest way to transfer data rate of the nearest cell phone, but it is not. Now on Google Play Store, a free application called Xender that is serving very fast data transfer speed. You can transfer all kinds of data such as songs, videos, documents, applications, etc using this application and offering 50 times faster than the speed of Bluetooth.

Xender, formerly known as Transfer Flash is an application based on Wi-Fi and wo…

App: Remove Preinstalled Android Apps

In Android Phone there are many preinstalled apps that you can't use anymore. Till now it was a messy process to uninstall them. Now here is solution,if you are a root user of android phone,you can uninstall whatever you want.

Uninstall Master remove bloatware from your android phone. Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) now rename to App Master, a powerful app tool!  It is Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) original,the only one best uninstaller & app tool in the market.

Are you bothered by too many third-party, preinstalled apps? Are you annoyed by the number of taps required to simply uninstall an app?  Have you ever uninstalled an app and then changed your mind?
Uninstall Master may be the solution you are looking for!

FEATURES: New UI is clear and user-friendly;
Perform batch uninstall;
Get rid of selected pre-installed or malicious apps;
Get rid of pre-installed bloatware that bogs down your device and costs you money. (Needs ROOT);
Silent uninstall and restore. The prompt window no…