BAAHUBALI: Rana, Anushka Workouts Video in Instagram -Tolivelugu

Hyderabad: Director Rajamouli routinely keeps his fans updated on the progress of the preparation of the Rs 100 crore film epic, Baahubali. And his latest upload and displays the main characters working out, has gone viral.

The video, Rana, Prabhas and Anushka preparing and doing push-ups with Nassar and Sathyaraju shows, has gone over 1,000 shares on Facebook viral alone. Anushka, especially everyone's attention was caught.

The actress has proven time and again his hard bone. She has already lost a lot of weight and is on a strict protein diet.
Your personal trainer, Kiran Dembla, says: "It is not surprising that Anushka was on par with the guys She has been on strength training for a year now, the amount of push-ups, ankle training includes, etc.."

The three main characters are playing warriors and the director wants them to fit into their roles, making the grueling regime.

Prabhas apparently spends three hours a day working, including cardio and strength training. He is also on a zero-carb diet. Rana, now spends an hour working out, half an hour in the morning for cardio and half an hour in the evening, lifting weights. And the results had started all the hard work, pointing at two months. All three have also been trained in horse riding and sword fighting.

In a note accompanying the video, Rajamouli jokingly adds, "Nassar garu garu Sathyaraj and give strong competition to Prabhas, Rana and Anushka."

Throwing some light on the video, in a lighter vein, says Nassar: "I am the winner of the competition I have made more than the other actors Everyone is trying for six packs eight packs, but I try from eight pack on a.. package, "he says.

He adds that all actors have their own fitness regimen, keep them fit well with the busy shooting schedules. The first part of Baahubali is scheduled to hit the screens in 2015.


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