How to get paid Android apps for Free?

Not only you, this is everyones thought. We love app...we love free apps. And we love paid apps that cost nothing most. But we do not like pirates! Having said that, there are many legal ways to get paid apps for free for your Android so today we will share a few with you.



AppGratis is one of my favorite apps, because I received free new app every morning. There is no overload offers - just one day an app - curated by Sam the always funny developers with the bad jokes. Sometimes the free apps of AppGratis are offered not entitled to updates, so keep that in mind, and not every free app ever offered cost anything in the first place! However, the deals are just AppGratis keep coming and there is often some real gems in there.

Google Play Surveys 

We have written about free credit Play Store of Google in exchange for answering surveys. If you do not already know, Google offers very own rewards program, because, well, they want even more information about you and your habits. Just install the Google App opinion rewards, fill in a short survey and collect your coins. Not bad for a few minutes of your time. There is another app called Get Paid Apps Free, you are going to buy in exchange for credits that can be redeemed for other apps in the Play Store Watch short videos or download selected apps has.

Amazon App of the Day 

The Amazon Appstore, the oft-forgotten little brother of Google Play Store, is one of the great things about Amazon. The second best thing is that it is a free app every day to draw your attention away from the Google monster market. You have options on how to obtain this, simply press the Amazon Appstore online, in order to see the app of the day top of the list, download the Amazon Appstore app or grab a notification app like Free App Notifier for Amazon (Note, it only works for the US-Amazon AppStore now) for daily alerts.

App of the Day 

App of the day doing basically the same thing as AppGratis and Amazon. It offers a paid app for free for a limited time. There are many different versions of this app, so you need to get the one at your location to get, but if you have it installed, you can add your daily checklist for scoring paid apps for free. I should also note that other apps like App-sales, you can apps that interests you to add a watch list, are, so you can be notified when they go on sale. Not exactly free, but still better than full price. Plus, App sales occasionally publish free apps too.

Google Play Return Policy 

If you are interested in a game and actually do not mind spending a few dollars not want but to oblige them, unless you know that it is actually worth, then you can take advantage of Google Apps for return policy . If you pay for an app you have a whole 15 minutes to test it before you get stuck with your purchase. Fifteen minutes may not seem like a long time, but it is definitely long enough to get a feel for a game and know if you actually do not want to pay for them or. There is a trick where you can try out for a whole 48 hours paid apps for free in the Play Store. And if you really, really skint an evening of entertainment only phone and a stopwatch could produce!


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