CRPF Jawan grievance goes on DIGITAL way

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach to India as well as Army inspired a CRPF jawan to come forward and express their situation in a digital way. The selfie video shows the jawan talking in hindi about the purported discrimination faced by CRPF personnel compared to Army. The video, reportedly shot two months ago, does not have any complaints against officers of the CRPF, but only makes an appeal to the
government, according to Singh.

Friends, I am constable Jeet Singh, a CRPF Jawan and through you, I want to convey a message to honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We, the CRPF folk, do all sorts of duties in this country, i.e. Elections to the Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, even Gram Panchayat elections. VIP security, Parliament, mosques, temples, airports, gurudwaras.. there is no place where CRPF personnel don’t contribute.

Yet, the difference in facilities available to personnel of Indian Army compared to those available to CRPF and other paramilitary personnel, is so vast that you will be surprised. The most important thing I want to tell Modi ji…our country has so many govt schools and colleges…where you pay teachers about Rs.50000-60,000…besides, they spend so many days home…celebrate festivals at home, while we toil away in jungles of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and in the hills of Jammu and Kashmir.

We do not get any welfare, no timely holidays. No one understands our pain, friends. Don’t we deserve it? The Army get pension, our pension has been stopped. Twenty years later, when we leave our job, what will we do? We don’t get ex-servicemen quota, no canteen, no medical facilities.
We don’t have a grudge against army, they should get all the facilities. But shouldn’t we too? Friends, if you agree with me, please share this message as much as possible.


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