Socila trade: Rs.5750 plan is better than Rs.57500 plan | 100% Working

You please observe this carefully. By just simple caliculation you can gain time, save money and get the same benefit of Rs.57,500 package.

In this You can get 100 links just by investing Rs.40,250. You can invest in smaller amount & can get 20 days again and again to get booster.

The logic is as per social trade norms you can use one PAN card for three packs. That means you can invest Rs.17,250(including left and right partners) and get 20+10+10=40 Links.

You have same 20 days time to get these left and right partners for this small amount.

After this level if the right partner adds two members total links will be 70. If Left partner also adds two members the total links will be 100.

Here you are investing(including partners) only Rs.40,250.

In the Rs.57,500 package you are investing a high amount at a time and getting 100 links. Here you are investing Rs.40,250 and getting 100 links with more time. Approximately 20 days each for every partner, in total nearly 60 days.

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